Project Snow White (10th Gen Si) Part 7 – MoTeC, Cams & More!

Project Snow White (10th Gen Si) Part 7 – MoTeC, Cams & More!

We have some big changes coming for 2020 with our shop’s 2017 Civic Si in an effort to raise the bar even further.

Thus far we’ve had great success with the factory ECU, using both KTuner and Hondata, achieving 10 second passes on both and laying down a best of 617.62 horsepower and 520.53 ft/lbs torque. We are confident that there was a bit more room left on the table to push things with our previous setup, especially given the fact that our quickest/fastest passes were nowhere near full power potential. However, continuing to utilize the factory ECU at this point will only hold us back from discovering this platform’s true potential. For this reason we knocked the dust off of the MoTec M142 ECU that’s been patiently awaiting this very moment. We’ve also built a custom supporting harness and installed any sensors we could ever need to provide data for racing and product development.

We have swapped out the Garrett GTX2860R GEN2 for a GTX3076R GEN2, the largest compatible turbo in our Big Turbo Kit. Our Port Injection Kit will finally get to be utilized with the MoTeC ECU, and will be used to take full advantage of this 3076 turbocharger.

One thing to keep in mind for big power is that there is always the chance for big failure(s). CNC Werx has supplied us with a few backup Cylinder Support System High Horsepower reinforced cylinder blocks. Again, we will be using JE 10.3:1 compression pistons in this backup motor. This time around we will be using Saenz Performance Series connecting rods, which are rated to 900 horsepower.

A few months back we supplied Bisimoto with a cylinder head for testing and to develop camshafts. We are excited to put these prototype cams to the test and see what kind of data we can collect!

Suspension and chassis mods such as ceramic rear wheel bearings and the addition of Silver’s double adjustable coilvers should help send this car down the track much more efficiently.

Stay tuned for more pictures, results and information!

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