Red Star Motoring Goes 10's With the PRL P600 Turbo Upgrade

Spencer Melillo
Red Star Motoring Goes 10's With the PRL P600 Turbo Upgrade

First FK8 Civic Type-R into the 10s with full (PRL) bolt-ons and stock ECU! Yesterday Red Star Motoring ran a 10.91 at 127.4 mph (no meth), backed up by a 10.97 at 129.2 mph (with meth) while testing our P600 turbocharger upgrade. We are confident that this setup still has more left in it with a better 60ft and track conditions. These runs were in 100+ degree ambient air temps, which limited boost to 32 PSI. Post intercooler air temps were around 125 degrees at the top of the track, which indicates that our intercooler core is still operating efficiently well within the mid 500 horsepower range in extreme conditions. A 10 second, 600 horsepower 4-cylinder Honda with bolt-ons is game changing!


  • PRL P600 turbocharger
  • PRL intercooler and charge pipe upgrade
  • PRL High Volume Intake
  • PRL Ti Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Upgrade
  • PRL downpipe & front pipe upgrade
  • Hondata Hondata fuel system upgrade
  • Built engine: Carillo rods, JE stock 86mm bore pistons, Ferrea valves springs and retainers.
  • Stock port head
  • Stock Transmission

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