Red Star Motoring Makes 595 HP With PRL P600 Turbo Upgrade

Red Star Motoring Makes 595 HP With PRL P600 Turbo Upgrade

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Red Star Motoring (as well as a few others) have been testing our revised P600 turbocharger upgrade over the past few weeks. This past weekend Pepo strapped his FK8 to the dyno and put down an impressive 595 whp & 549 ft/lbs torque at 37 PSI using 100 octane and methanol injection. For reference, Pepo made a best of 575 horsepower and 506 ft/lbs torque at 34 PSI using VP104 fuel with methanol injection previously with our initial P600 turbocharger. This same setup with the new turbo also trapped 138 MPH at a roll race even two weeks ago, putting this car as the fastest FK8 Civic Type-R at the event. We expect this car to trap mid to upper 130's in the 1/4 mile (almost 10 MPH faster than previous P600 testing) at its next event. The added anti-surge compressor housing has definitely shown to increase compressor efficiency. We're ecstatic with the test results thus far and can't wait to see what RSM can do at the drag strip.

Vehicle Modifications:

  • PRL P600 turbocharger
  • PRL intercooler and charge pipe upgrade
  • PRL High Volume Intake
  • PRL Ti Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Upgrade
  • PRL downpipe & front pipe upgrade
  • Hondata Hondata fuel system upgrade
  • Built engine: Carillo rods, JE stock 86mm bore pistons, Ferrea valves springs and retainers.
  • Stock port head
  • Stock Transmission

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Brian van

How do I make the flashpro able to request 34 psi from my p600?, I can only hit 24 psi and have the torque request maxed out on flashpro

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