What’s New in the Shop?

What’s New in the Shop?

As many of you have seen, PRL Motorsports, like most other manufacturers, has been affected tremendously by COVID-19. From supply shortages, to staffing shortages, to the rapid influx of orders and inquires, it has been a struggle to keep up with demand in recent months. Now that we are back up and operating at full capacity, we realized that this simply wasn’t enough to keep the community and its needs satisfied, especially if we plan to continue to grow. We’ve been making quite a few significant changes to how we do things at PRL Motorsports and decided to shine some positive light on What’s New in the Shop over the next few weeks.

Being that most of our products utilize at least one component which is machined in-house, our machine shop is undergoing going some major changes to help speed up production. We’ve added three new employees to our machine team, purchased four new machines and will be running three shifts to keep machines running nonstop.

DMG MORI DMU 50 5-Axis Mill

Mori Seiki NH 5000 Horizontal 4-Axis Mill with Pallet Changer

Mori Seiki NHX 5000 Horizontal 4-Axis Mill with Pallet Changer (Arriving Soon!)

Haas UMC-750 5-Axis Mill

Haas VF-4 SS with TR160 5-Axis Mill

Haas VF-2 SS

Haas Super Mini Mill 2 w/ 5-axis

Haas DS-30Y Dual-Spindle Lathe with Live Tooling

PRAB/ARS Chip Briquetter (Reduces Coolant Waste, Compacts Chips and Increases Efficiency)

Fanuc Robotic Arm

HYDMECH H-320A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

But what good are machines without raw materials to put in them? We took care of this too. Our Purchasing Department has materials on order and delivering regularly to accommodate for a 6+ month projection in an effort to keep ALL PRL products in stock.

We can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support and patience. Feel free to drop us any question or comments and let us know what type of things you’d like to see on future updates around the shop.

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